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Pearla at g-spot


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Jun 4, 2003
Was recently in mood for an oriental experience and had very nice previous sessions with ling at heaven on earth and pearla at g-spot. Stopped at heaven first and ling had just started her session. Took short drive to g-spot and pearla answered the call when I walked in. She seemed happy to see me but said she would not be available til around 10 asked if I wanted to come back said sure it was just after 9. Killed an hour and went into studio just after 10 peala still busy but very interesting young lady took me to a room and asked if I wanted a drink and that pearla would be in shortly. Started shower and left.

Again very nice sized rooms clean and with toilets and showers in each. Around 1015 pearla walked in with drink and apoligized for being a little late. Oh well youre here now lets do it. Told her what I wanted and got price out of way and she stripped. Started with a nice all over rubdown front and back with nice casual conversation throughout. I then suggested that I would like to rub her down a bit. After a free roaming hands all over session YMMV I am a gentleman I was ready and so was she.

After an interesting through cbj session the way I like it with spanking we switched easily to the main event. She was a very nice energetic ride and the harder I pulled her hair the way we were doing it the more she liked it YMMV. She really seemed to enjoy herself or else shes just a good faker but who cares I had fun. Had a nice finish and was proceeding with winddown when the 11 oclock door knock came.Only down side in my mind was bit rushed finish and have had considerably more leeway from other sps. L.A.S. 8 . 9 . 8 will definitely repeat. If you like cute young orientals treat this one nice and you will have fun I sure did YMMV.

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Mar 26, 2003
Where is G-Spot? Do they have a web page? Can you let me know...

I am looking for a new place to spend my $$$$


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Sep 9, 2002
Oil Country
G-Spot Location

G-Spot is located north of southside costco. Its address is #76 4003 - 98 St.
Ph: 469-7677.
I hope this helps.
Pink Cherry