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Jul 7, 2003
Too far from Edmonton MP's now
Guys, I have moved from Edmonton, but would like to contribute some past reviews that may add to the board. I previously posted some on Canbest and a few other boards as Bigdawg, that was taken on this board, so now I'm tiger (mascot of a team I like).

Anyway - I used to see Diana a lot at Fantasy, and then briefly at Penthouse prior to my leaving. She was fantastic in a lot of ways. She would pretty much do anything suggested (not Greek) and she almost always provided enthusiasm, which usually led me to overtip - but always thought her service was worth it. If you want more details of my typical encounter - PM me.

My top notch providers (for me) in Edmonton were:
Diana - above
Gina - Fantasy
Rossanna - Fantasy
Jade - Deja Vu
Kayla - Ft Road

My mid level (I would see again, but just didn't like as much as those above) providers were:
Monique - Fantasy / briefly Cove / now Pent
Nikki - Cove / Deja Vu
Billie - 99th St
Cindy - H2T/Supreme

My never agains were:
Tara - Southern Comfort/ now at ES - seems to have improved
Brandi - Ft. Road
Anyone I ever saw at Sinderella's - it's hell to drink a little downtown and then let the little head do the thinking.

My only missiing in action that I wish I could see again:
Sara - Ft. Road - BEST BJ ever!

Regrets that I did not get to see:
Alex - Fantasy, now an Indie I think
Jesse - Fantasy
Krissy - Penthouse
Kitt - Cloud 9

Oh well, hope to get to travel back to Edmonton soon - definately the best MP's around despite the worst strip bars.
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