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Pandora review (yet another!)


Nov 3, 2002
I saw Pandora at VE for the first time the other day and I can state now that it definately won't be the last time! Her brief but interesting appearance here on PERB really piqued my interest so when the phone girl said she was working I jumped on it.

She was on time and friendly. She seemed cool and knowledgable, especially for her age which can't be much over 20. The incall was clean and well situated. I didn't see any other girls milling around unfortunately.

We went to the room and she stripped down, I thought I had suddenly been transported to circa 1992 as I was looking at the exact body of an old GF from that era. Perfect gravity defying boobs, beautiful pale skin and a nice full ass. I dove in and had a good time. No open mouth kissing/greek. Everything is done *very* safely.

I don't know what the hell HipsterDoofus was talking about when he claimed she doesn't do BJ. Pandora's technique is some of the finest head I've paid for!! I think I'll try the 20 minute special some day and just get a nice long oral session; it's that good.

After we were done I was about to get up and clean up, when she orders me to stay put and runs out of the room. I'm wondering, WTF? She comes back with a warm damp towel and gently cleans off the 6" monster. She took better care of the tackle than I ever have. Her BF better know how lucky he is to have this hotty!


New member
May 14, 2002
sensoria good review. I like the "perfect gravity defying boobs" quote. You make it sound like Wringling Brothers was involved, or NASA.
I think if Pandora had a second chance on this board things would be different. She got off on the wrong foot, stepped on to many toes, and the final out come was "thanx for coming out." --- Kev
Apr 11, 2003
6" monster Sensoria? I wonder what superhero would think of that & his 9.5" behemoth. :p

As for Pandora's stint on PERB, it's too bad she's gone. While we've never met, chatting with her you get the feeling she's a really intelligent person considering for someone that's in their late teens/twenties...

Miss P

Jul 2, 2003
Victoria, all the way
Well said indeed, LA. Chemistry is everything. If a guy walks in and he seems angry or perturbed, I am not likely to have as much gusto as I would if he was not tense or agitated. We are all different, and just because you find a girl attractive doesnt mean sparks will fly. Personalities clash, wants and needs dont always coincide. Sex is mechanical unless there is some chemistry behind it. Youll notice that the best reputed SPs are the GFE types. Why? Because of the chemistry they create with their clients. Some food for thought as to who is popular and why