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Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
Well, Perberts Anonymous Mk III at the Drake went VERY well this afternoon. Best attendance ever.

Attendance, in order of arrival (I think).

dufferin, sushiman, Mello, Ophelia Black, SWguy, Babyface, General Parts, WC Drifter, Paige Adams, loves2learn, Alexandria, vancouverman, Lisa Giggles, Sabrina

A small number of moments of note.

PA's feet being lovingly massaged by L2L.

Two or three "Team Tinkle Tours" (names censored to protect the guilty).

PA's remarkable ability to:
* remove a brassiere (not hers) in under a minute;
* unbutton a shirt (mine) in under 9 seconds with her left hand (she is right handed).

OB's coming out (her real age) which I will leave for her to reveal on her web site. You rock!!

Lisa and Sabrina playing head games with others in the pub.

Various other displays of athletic ability.

One ot two photographs taken (Perbmail??).

Other stuff too, but a sense of propriety suggests details be withheld.

Just a few tidbits of note. For those of us that attended, your recollection is likely better than mine as my hidden tape recorder was turned off. Damn.

For me the gathering was a great opportunity to renew some contacts and make new ones. That, I beleive, was behind vancouverman's plan that the Perb Anonymous meetings be held. Thanks VM.

sushiman :p :p


Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
I guess we are only allowed that in private. ;)


Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
Arrange a meeting / seminar

I was at an Adobe seminar this afternoon. Was in two parts, 1:30-3:00 then 3:00 to 4:30.

Thus I could explain part or full aftenoon absence without difficulty. :D :D

Years of practice. ;)

BTW, forgot to mention being chatted up by one of the "dancers" for a private session. $40 for 4 minutes. No freakin' way.
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Tempura too ;)
May 12, 2002
Vancouver - sort of
Check their web site. They seem to come into town 4 or 5 times a year. If you attend one your'e on their mailing list for future seminars.


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May 17, 2002
In another time zone
Wasn't that a party?!?

My first PERB meeting at the Drake and boy did it rock! Started off somewhat slow with only four or five people when I arrived, but the party really picked up as the afternoon wore on. Nice to meet some of the guys from the board and, of course, some of the lovely ladies who keep our motors a-hummin'... :)

Some memorable moments for me... Getting a lap dance from Paige. Getting a pseudo lap dance from ~A~. Being sandwiched between various girls at various times during meeting. (Boy, did I pick the right table to sit at! :D ) Being totally oblivious to the dancers on stage and then having one of them call me on this. (She didn't actually speak, but she looked at me as if to say: "Uh, I'm buck naked here, will you at least acknowledge my presence?!?") In my defense, I believe I was sandwiched between ~A~ and Sabrina at the time... ;)

And apparently I left before the really good stuff happened! :D :D :D

Thanks to VM for organizing! Looking forward to the next PA meeting. (I think I'm getting addicted!)



WC Drifter

Mar 8, 2003
West Coast
Sssssssshawna was pissed that no one came to the PA meeting at the No. 5. She was there all afternoon and no one she recognized was there. Spent the whole time walking around asking if there were any Perberts in the room.

No. 5 Orange reported daily sales DOWN 4000%. On the TSE Venture Exchange, No. 5 Orange shares plummetted 12% on the news.


Nov 11, 2003
Beyond the Pale
dufferin said:
Its no biggee Squirrel....................it was all a dream. :)
Yeah Squirrel, just a dream.....
You can use this to record it for your Story Book.


General Parts

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Sep 20, 2003
I feel so bad.
I was shaking ~A~'s hand when I was leaving, and VM said something and I ended up totally just turning away from ~A~
The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that my behaviour was horrible.
~A~ if you're reading this, I'm sorry!!! =P

By the way, I left early cuz I had an exam (on friday no less), which I aced =)

Thanks all for a good time!!!


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Nov 19, 2002
Vancouver, BC
I had a great time at the last meeting. It was fun to see old and new faces.

A few words to the ladies:

~A~: After meeting you, I must say that the picture above does not do you justice. You are obviously beautiful but your charm puts you over the top.

Paige: It was so nice to see you smiling again. Your fun-loving playfulness lit up the whole room and brought about many smiles. After the recent controversy, you show that "the cream always rises to the top."

Lisa: You must be the life of every party. If you ever see me in public, please DO NOT ask me if I am a "Perbert"! :D That was too funny.

Sabrina: You are a complete sweetheart! I promise I'll practise my techniques with bras (hopefully with yours again)!

Ophelia Black: Last but not least, I think you will be a tremendous spokesperson for local SP's. You are extremely articulate, thoughtful and funny. Being so sexy doesn't hurt either.

Now a few words to the Perberts:

vancouverman: Thank you, thank you, thank you. None of this would have been possible without you. But I think you had the most fun out of everyone anyways. Lucky bastard!

dufferin: It was a pleasure meeting you. It's nice to finally put a face to the handle. You can thank me next time for arranging your lapdance with Paige. Actually, the smile on your face was thank you enough.

sushiman: Feel free to share your wisdom with me again anytime. You have my full respect.

l2l: Why can't you ever make it to the meeting on time? Why do you always have such a big smile on your face when you arrive?

babyface: I know you were having a good time. Every time I saw you, you were sandwiched between or underneath lovely ladies. I guess that babyface works wonders.

SWGuy: Pleasure as always seeing you again. Remember to head over to the smoking table right away next time! :p Thanks for the tip on Rylee.

WCDrifter: You are a staple of the PA meetings. Your wit has cracked me up numerous times. Hopefully, I'll get to chat with you a little more next time.

general parts: I don't think we look like brothers. Maybe we all DO look alike. :D haha

Thank you to all who attended for making it such a good time and making me feel welcomed again. I can't wait for the next one.

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Apr 26, 2003
Diagon Alley
Ok... my turn to throw in my 2-bits...

First and foremost: Next meeting I am taking the whole day off work so I don't have to leave before the party REALLY gets started! :rolleyes:

Ladies first, as always...

It was a genuine pleasure to meet all of you...

~Alexandria~: 2 words.... Pure class.... It was great to finally meet you in person. I certainly agree with others that your pics don't do you justice. Your personality and your beautiful smile lit up an otherwise darkened corner of the bar. And ohhh... those eyes... :D

Paige: The only person at the group I didn't get to talk to, let alone even introduce myself to :confused: Shame on me! I finally can see what all the fuss is about, though...

Lisa: You're an incredible ball of energy and cute as hell ;) I think we'll have to catch a Canucks game together sometime..."He shoots... he scores!!!" :D

Sabrina: Hopefully we'll get a chance to talk more at the next meeting. And I'm staying til the end next time so I don't miss you and Lisa "in action" ;)

Ophelia: I didn't get to talk to you much either, but had I known that WCD was going to open up another smoking table, I would have loved to chat with you. :)

Now for the Gents...

WCD: Haven't I seen you somewhere before....? ;)

VM: All hail the Master Planner! Always a pleasure to chat with you. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on the meetings and I hope that you will reconsider stepping down.

Sushi: Didn't get to talk to you much this time, but was good seeing you there. Thank god for Adobe lessons :cool:

Duff: I'm glad we finally met. Maybe next time I'll be able to peel you off Paige - or vice-versa - for a few minutes and actually say more than "Hi, I'm SWGuy. Great to meet you" when I got there and "Good bye. Was great meeting you" when you left an hour later :p

L2L: I think next time I'll have to challenge you to a Grin Off.... Grin-A-Thon...? Grin Down....?

Mello / Kato: A pleasure as before to see you there. Next time, my table will BE the smoking table, dammit!

Babyface & General_Parts: Very good to meet you both. Hope to see you again at future meetings
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