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Aug 9, 2003
For those in this hobby that travel. I visited Toronto the last five days and had a very nice time due to some advance scouting on TERB.

My scrutiny of the TERB Members' reviews resulted in visits with Laney (blonde, 21 yo) on Sunday afternoon (2:30 PM) and Bobbi (brunette, 21 yo) on Wednesday morning (1:30 AM). Both Girls were outstanding experiences at the Ariel from fantasy level of service. They are Roommates and do Duos as well. My research indicates that they are not bisexual, but I have no first hand experience to comment thereon.

My vist with Laney started precisely on time and she was much better looking than her pictures from See magazine or the Internet site. She is from the Czech Republic and since she has been in Canada for only 4 months, her English is not too good. None the less she can communicate and has a very good sense of humor and is extremely friendly and caring. I answered the door and was immediately excited by her professional dress and the opening LFK. I offered her a Perrier water which she politely accepted and we commenced with a little small talk and some motioning on my part to get my comments understood by her. She then set me down on the bed and disrobed in a very sexy and enticing fashion. All the time being carefull to watch my eyes and touch my face, hands, arms, etc.

Once she was naked and I was drooling she helped me disrobe and started to DFK and rub my body but not Pieter. After a few minutes of light making out, I moved in for a little Daty. She had the freshest, sweetest, lushest centre of gravity that I have ever experienced. Her movements and moans were a great encourgament and this continued for thirty minutes much to my amazement and delight. She came durig that period and her whole body convulsed and she looked right in my eyes and thanked me for looking after her. Now it was my turn.

Unfortunately, I had got a little too involved in the Pay Per View Porn and it took her awhile to raise the dead even though it was an excellent BBBJ. None the less, she was determined and patient. After about twenty minutes, Pieter was co-operating and I needed another taste of her amazing centre spot. Sixty-nine lasted for about 15 minutes, she came again and it was now time for full service. As soon as Pieter saw the condom, he was once again less than co-operative. Laney noticed this and beat the little bugger into submission with the climax leaving a "pearl necklace" and saturated boobs. What an awesome finish! The lack of full service meant nothing. The result was just as satifying and intense. I cleaned her neck and boobs and we snuggled for a few minutes. Then she asked if she could shower. After her shower she told me she really had fun and we talked about having a duo with her roommate, Bobbi, unfortunately, it was that dreaded curse time for Bobbi, so I told her to let Bobbi know that I would like to see her later in the week on her own. I wasn't thinking that I didn't wnat to spend $400 in one night. I will regret that decision until the next time I am in Toronto. There is no question that I am going for the Duo. It could be historic!!

Bottom line - L/A/S - 8/10/10 - will look forward to seeing her again. Complete price was $200 Cdn for one hour. She was there for almost 1.45 hours and never hinted at receiving any more funds. I gave her a $50 tip and felt guilty!

Bobbi was even more attractive than Laney and also better looking than her pictures. Her Englsih was better - from Slovakia but has been here for 1.5 years. I was the last customer on her milkrun and even though she had been working for 7 hours, she was attentive and fresh. The experience was a repeat with much better coperation from Pieter. I was totally enamorated with her and she came on several occasions. She thanked me very genuinely and was concerned that she had more fun than me. Not so I assured her as my knees gave out as I tried to stand. I asked her if she would like to stay the night, it was 4:00 AM already, and we could have another $200 session in the morning. She said no very politely and offered to come back after 2:00 PM tomorrow. Unfortunately I was in a workshop at that time and was leaving for home shortly thereafter.

Bottom line - L/A/S - 9/10/10 - even better looking than Laney. Petite Brunette with awesome natural breasts, explict curves and a neatly trimmed pussy. She stayed with me for about 1.25 hours and the tip was $200. Once again I felt somewhat guilty for not tipping higher because the service was so good. None the less, I had already spent my budget for TO and suffered my conscience rather than spend any more money.

Both these girls can be located easily on TERB. If you are lucky enough to be going to TO, I suggest that you review their pictures and websites. Email ahead for appointments and start fantasizing!!