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Jun 8, 2003
i know this is a bit of a strange question for this board, but does anybody have any tips for ottawa? i'm going there in a couple of weeks, but i haven't got anywhere searching terb, and it seems there are like only three sp's working in all of ottawa :( i wonder if it's like washington d.c., lots going on of course but everything very hush hush and discreet? or is it really just boring, still governed by that anglo-saxon prudishness! victoria sure overcame the past, you'd think the capital could too. anyway never been there before, so thanks for any leads,


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Aug 6, 2003
I think there is a fair bit on the go there although I was only there 5 years back or so . When I was there I went to the strip clubs in Ottawa. During a nice table dance ( breasts pushing nicely against my chest) in Ottawa a dancer advised me that the girls at her club were not "permitted" outside work but to go to the Penthouse Club (I think that was the name) just across the bridge in Hull. She indicated that some of the ladies there were open to the idea.

Off I went -- I actually walked 30 minutes . .. There I had a nice $10 dance from the best looking girl ( a very hot 9) there who seemed offended by the idea of "dancing" offsite. The next lady offered me the standard $10 dance or a $20 dance that allowed unlimited touching . I found out this included her putting her mouth on my pants just below the boys and exhaling deeply. . . you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that she might be open to more and we quickly settled details for after she finished work ( midnight). The ladies name escapes me now but she was about 5'7" blonde, French and very slender and tantilizingly tight. A solid 7-8 in looks and 8's in service and attitude. She was pleasant and energetic.

The club was interesting since the strip club has an entrance on the side but if you go upstairs through the front entrance, there is a adult video place with "private" viewing, a nude body paint studio (the girl at the desk looked MAYBE 18 dressed in lingerie) and an escort/ massage agency.

The yellow pages also seemed to have a bunch of listings plus one of the papers . .. I don't remember which . ..

I know my experience is pretty old but you may want to check out that strip club. When I went there, most of the dancers were pretty hot-- You can possibly get the benefits of viewing and meeting the lady ahead of time without most of the normal dangers associated with street action.


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May 30, 2003
lol.. ya its called "the playmate". and its notorious for good stuff like that =)

upstairs that massage parlour is full service but we're talking 200-300bucks.

as for ottawa have more than 3 escorts we do. but not more than 3 worth seeing lol.
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