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Ottawa suggestions?


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Jul 27, 2003
Heyo. Major lurker here, thought I'd cover the bases, since I'm waiting for activation on TERB...
I'm going to be in Ottawa next week, and would be curious to hear suggestions from anyone familiar with the area and the SPs there. I'd especially be interested in ladies that are more Reubenesque than the standard - I rather like big girls. Cruised through EC, found little of interest, so thought I'd ask here. (I know there's some ladies in Van. I'd love to see, but I'm outside the Lower Mainland and don't get a chance to get down there often - this is a good opportunity to get involved in the game.)
Any suggestions?


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Nov 28, 2002
Blue sky country
Don't know what your schedule is t-fox but I think Ottawa is kinda lame. No personal experience just what I've picked up from reading other's posts.

Now Montreal, there's a city for you. If there was any possibililty of getting to Montreal for even a couple of days I would highly recommend it. Its only a couple of hour drive or bus ride from Ottawa. Just a huge selection of very moderately priced outcall ladies, seems to be the way of things there vs. incall or massage studios, and excellent level of service.

Check out the MERB board and posts on the Escort Review Spreadsheet for Montreal.

Good luck on your trip.


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Mar 17, 2003
t-fox - I'm probably too late for this post but, I'll do it anyway. Maybe the next time you're in Ottawa, you'll be able to partake.

I would suggest Alexa Taylor.

She is a great girl. Friendly, pretty.

Here's how things went with me when I saw her:

Ottawa is pretty well a wasteland for sp's. But, the Toronto girls have picked up on this and a lot of them schedule trips to Ottawa now. The next time you're heading over there, go to TERB and check on the updates and announcements. They usually let the Ottawa gang know when they're heading up there.
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