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Jan 24, 2005
sex doll rafting


today ( august 21st, 2004) the second annual inflatable sex doll raft race (aka ‘bubble baba challenge’) will be organized in north russia / leningrad region.

anyone over 16, and of either sex, is allowed to take part in this second competition. the participants will have to swim in the complicated losevsky rapids of the vuoksa river near st. petersburg.the rapids are usually used for rafting in canoe and catamarans.

this competition isn't a sexually chauvinistic event; in last year’s edition (real) women rafted on the dolls. all participants stated that these rubber ‘products’
are economical in usage, they float wonderfully.they gave some pet names to their dolls: mary and her poppins; speedy sterlet, cleopatra...

all participants must wear a helmet and a life vest. they also have to remain sober and those who are seen drunk are disqualified.

last years winner: alexander korolev, who rafted on a no-name rubber sex doll taken on lease (a concept we don't want to think too much about).

the competition is sponsored by russian sex shops.



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Jul 13, 2004
LisaGigglez said:
hahahahaha thats great! somone should take one to the nude beach
Tell you what, Lisa, I'll bring one if you bring one too. Wreck Beach has been real nice the last couple of days....