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online pornhounds...i need your help...

Very Veronica

Aug 2, 2004
You guys may have heard that i had started to film some sexy content for my website. Unfortunately, things went sideways and i'm not dealing with that organization anymore however they have my porn and although they can apparently use it for promotion, they cannot sell it to any of the paid websites.

So if you guys happen to see some hot old broad who looks like me engaged in a blowjob scene on a desk, a handful of masturbation scenes including one in a tub full of bubbles and one with my face dripping with cum plus lots of naughty stuff with 2 guys including a double cum shot to the face and a double penetration it just could very well be me and if you could pm me, i'd be most appreciative. In fact, i may even show you my thanks!

I know this a terrible thing to ask of you don't surf anymore than usual...i think this company is smart enough not to break the rules but i wouldn't be surprised if it's already out there.

Thanks ahead of time...Veronica xoxo