Ashley Madison

on this 'panties' issue


retired... for the year
Mar 14, 2004
Has anyone else read this? Any SP's going?

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Attention ladies - it's time to come clean about the panties tucked away at the bottom of the undie drawer, the knickers with the holes, Christmas motifs and days of the week.

Couldn't bear to throw out the oversized white cotton pair because they're just so comfortable?

Don't worry-Wendy D understands.

The local photographer is encouraging women to embrace their inner not-so-glamourous selves and flaunt their nastiest panties as part of an exhibit scheduled to open next month.

"They might be ugly but they're nice comfortable underwear," she said. "Every woman has them. They are a true statement of who we are."

Her plan is to photograph female volunteers wearing their worst this Sunday (March 21), at the Arc gallery, 1701 Powell St., from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.