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Okay one more..ISO SW


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Jan 21, 2003
Fraser Valley
I have also been looking for a cute little native thing I first met in 2000 on the corner of Franklin/Salisbury.

Said she was chinese, but I knew she was Native... didn't care though , cause she was hot hot hot! Young maybe 18/19 small (about 5'3") long hair to her waist, dressed well.

I saw her again standong on Nelson in 2001. Still looked as good as ever, but her prices were out of this world! I paid double what I gave her on Franklin. But she was worth it!

ANyone have any imfo on this one? I'd sure appreciate it!


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Being that it is 2003 now, & you are talking about a sw. Your chances of finding out anything are slim. SW come & go, often a girl you've seen last week has moved on. If you had a name maybe randyinvan could help you.

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May 13, 2002
Try the link below. Go to the Forum, then Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver. The vancouver guys specialize in SW and seem to be about as knowledgeable as any board group that I have seen on the local street scene.
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