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Ocean at DejaVu


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Feb 26, 2003
I travel to Edmonton on business several times each year and have sampled the services available here, always without satisfaction. Last night was my first positive experience in the City of Champions.

I selected Ocean at DeJaVu based on a positive review on this board and her picture on the DJV website. I booked an appointment and arrived a bit early (DJV is located 20 minutes from the downtown - one downside). Ocean was busy but I was kindly provided a sitting room with magazines and offered a drink.

I chose the bodyshampoo room and after getting through the introductions and dealing with the necessary details (always an awkward moment, but Ocean handled it with grace), we proceeded to the activities.

I'm not the sort to provide graphic details; suffice it to say that Ocean provides a complete experience and that the process is as important as the moment. In fact, she is a cuddly sensual person who appeared to enjoy the activities and want to participate as badly as I did. Her kind face and lovely smile add to her other attributes -- all in all, a very satisfying experience.

Most of my experience is on the Toronto scene, and Edmonton has seemed a wasteland in terms of value for money, but at 2 browns, Ocean provided everything that one might reasonably expect for that amount in TO and more. Next time I'm in town, I know where to go.
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