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E.D. Meds



Sep 27, 2002
Okay, here are a few things I have come across over the last week or so.
Paris Hilton has a nice ass. I would like to see the whole video not just 2 minutes of it.
I went to Seattle this week for a few days. The Lusty Lady is only a viewing club. No lap dances. Just sit there and watch through a window. Not much else. Boring. Seattle is a big city, not as nice as Vancouver, but the shopping is better. EMP is a big music museum.
Taking the train down there is a good idea if you are just going to stay downtown. There are some good bars there drinks are cheap.
Therefore I am broke now until payday.
The man who invented spandex should be given some kind of medal. There should be a law however that only girls who weight less than 110 pounds can wear it and no men at all.
Nothin like tight sweaty girls workin out in the gym wearing tight gear.

That's it for now.
Vancouver Escorts