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Mar 12, 2003
Not exactly a bad experience, but a regrettable one. (not because of them however)

I decided to give them a visit, as I like asians, and it's close by for me.

I was nervous but the girl at the front desk showed me a room and the shower when I asked for a massage.

I was told to ask for Joanna (someone on this board told me) but I was too nervous so just went along with whoever they gave me.

Turned out to be the reception girl, and I wasn't expecting that because she was...well...quite chunky.

I'm used to asian girls being very small, petite, as I'm a small guy myself. Anyways I thought I'd just get a BJ...

THe massage was nice, when she asked what I wanted I asked for the BJ but she said she didn't like that.

SHe offered FS but I didn't want that, but she gave some guilt trip about her not making any money and reduced the price quite a bit so I said okay.

Well, after a while of trying, I couldn't exactly...perform. I'm a young guy, and this definately isn't my first time having sex, but I just wasn't into it, I was pretty nervous still (first time at a massage place), and she was just...gross. haha

I closed my eyes and imagined some better looking girls while she tried to get me 'ready'. Two times I was 'ready', but when it came time to get down to it, i looked at her and became..well...'unready'.

After what seemed like forever, still nothing and we gave up.

I paid money up front, but she gave it all back. I offered her some just for her time (1/2 hour massage turned into nearly an hour...(painfully long!))

She declined the money but later asked 30 just for her boss, I gave her 40 and left.

She said come back again she wants to try it again next time.

I wouldn't mind going back, but I think I'll hafta ask to see the girl first.

So there's an embaressing first story for you guys to chuckle over...

I think her name was lei lei or lili or something like that.
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Oct 29, 2002
I'd be quite happy if I couldn't get it up when there is a fat chick in front of me. If you know what I mean. Fat chicks are like mopeds. They're fun to ride until your friends see you.
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