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Nikita @ SweetVips


Jun 25, 2017
After a disappointing foray with GC, Natasha, (Never did see her, please see my earlier review of same) I received a message from Ms. Harvi where she let me know she was disappointed to hear of my plight and offered up a session of my choosing with a small discount. Why did she do this?
I would think that she cares about her customers and saw an opportunity to further her operations good reputation.

It worked. Vips is a place I have visited throughout the years and have always enjoyed. I can not recommend highly enough Vips for your entertainment options! I will be back.

I spent a half hour late this afternoon with Nikita.

I am extremely happy I did. The experience we shared is the reason this hobby exists. She is as described, 5'5, shoulder length brunette. Wow, what a body! Flat and athletic stomach, and that rear! She told me she works hard on her fitness and it is evident. As slight and lithe as she may be, her musculature is evident. Wow, what a butt!

We clicked very well and matched each other and talked and kissed throughout our time together. We addressed her interest in my particular fetish and agreed to explore together on our next visit. She was a delight to spend time with, vibrant and exciting. I regret my sense of caution with booking a new girl/half hour practice, I could easily spend an hour or more with her. Sexy!


Jan 21, 2014
Fantasy Island
Thanks for the review mate

Nikita Sounds like a very enjoyable visit
A Russian sweetheart you say. I went and Checked out her stats on their site, Awesome news

Looks like i will be hitting the agency a lot more this month, First i get news of a red head <--A complete sucker for gingers, Now a Russian!
The last Russian lady i had had the pleasure to meet & enjoy ,accent and all was actually at SweetVips years ago
Angel was her name. Same description as Nikita, just a little taller maybe. Dam she was fun, but I Could not get her to say, "nuclear vessel " lol

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