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NHL Western Conference...8th SPOT

May 13, 2004
(7)SJ-91 pts..........(8)EDM-91pts.............(9)Van-89pts

@[email protected] ANA
@VAN....................vs ANA.......................vs SJ
vs VAN...................vs [email protected]
vs ANA...................................................vs COL
vs LA

Here’s how I have the rest of the season capped.

SJ: a win vs PHX, split vs VAN, and a 1 more win(the LA game might not mean anything to them)….giving them 97 points and 7th place.

Edmonton: best case scenario is winning 2 of 3(they prolly lose to detroit but beat the ducks and the Avs, as I think these teams will have essentially clinched a spot), giving them 95 points

Vancouver: a win vs ANA, and a split vs the Sharks, plus I think they beat Colorado(who has nothing to play for by then), giving them 95 points. But they will win the 8th position on account of more actual WINS. I think they’ll do it, for one reason….Ed Jovonovski

Intangebles:…..the new NHL, and the dreaded 3 point games could come into play in possibly 5 playoff games with implications: SJ/VAN, VAN/SJ, SJ/ANA, EDM/ANA, VAN/ANA

HUGE game for the canucks tonight, they MUST win that one and put some pressure on EDM…..

Any other opinions out there?
May 13, 2004
LisaGigglez said:
Imma gonna be there nah nah na boo boo
Well....nah nah na boo were there.....and how'd that work out for ya?:rolleyes:

...and now the pendulum swings back to the oilers. That was a HUGE loss by the canucks(who i thought played pretty well actually.....the ducks had about 4 real good chances and scored on all 4 in the 1st period....Vancouver had a couple real good chances but jiggy stopped them....that's the way it goes)...

Edmonton now controls the 8th spot and they need to win 2 of 3 to do it(as i don't think the canucks can sweep the sharklettes).....


Nov 13, 2004
marketing the game

Hats off to the Canucks marketing machine, because win or lose, they always manage to sell out BC Place! With the price of tickets these days, that is no small feat.

Cock Throppled

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Oct 1, 2003
These morons could still squeak in courtesy of Edmonton absolutely tanking down the stretch. Instead of helping, Roloson has been pretty much a bust as an addition to the EdOil. They blew the St Louis game and have very tough games coming up. Depends on which Canucks show up. They will probably split with SJ and the Colo game is iffy. Again - the three pointers could be a big factor. On the plus side - we're still not Toronto.

expo joe

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Nov 29, 2002
Hats off to the Canucks marketing machine, because win or lose, they always manage to sell out BC Place! With the price of tickets these days, that is no small feat.
True, in recent years they've sold out GM Place alot but, that's basically due to the credit of former GM Brian Burke who revamped the team from a highly paid and under achieving team to a moderately paid good performing team. Sure, Burke was an ASS in many respects but at least he did his job relatively competently.... If this downward performance trend continues without some significant off season restructuring (not confident that the current management is capable of it...), we'll see a growing trend of empty seats, even with all the corporate ticket sales.:(
May 13, 2004
Well, gotta say I'm pleasantly(~snickers at the understatement~), of the outcome....

The Canucks just stunk down the stretch, and in my opinion it comes down to leadership, or lack of it.....

I certainly don't mind being wrong about result(btw, this crow is a little chewy), with the Oilers being in though...