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Newbie at

Newbie at

Hey folks, I discovered the website and I must say it is awesome. I use to frequent the MPs and now (thanks to I am discovering the more affordable and more mileage of good SPs. For any other newbie to the site, I would recommend the thread titled "Vancouver spreadsheet." It is a good, well put together of most SP info. Very handy. Thanks fotocrome for putting it togther!

George Costanza



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Jul 9, 2003

hey im also new to and to the whole MP and SP scene.

i did not want to start a new thread, but i had a rather stupid question i noticed a lot of acronyms being used and i could only figure out a few of them, some of the 4 letter ones have left me rather confused :eek:

any info would be appreciated :D
Thanks for welcoming moi everyone.
Also Welcome Dirtybird!
Grendleaxe is correct with the definitions and there is good link for definitions on that thread that slorider indicated.

I found that when I was newer, that I had this glossary up on another window, so if there was any acronyms I didn't understand I would just press the letter.

ps: After we got out of jail for a year (Last Episode of Seinfeld):

Jerry couldn't get any jobs as a comedian, he became a pimp.
That meant Elaine became an SP.
And the first client was Newman!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I know, what was Elaine thinking?
As for Kramer, he patented the sleeping drawers (Episode: where Kramer let the Japanese businessmen sleep in, while they stayed at his apt), and become a millionaire.

Last but not least, me: George Costanza. I became the assistant to the assistant of the travelling secretary for Kramer's company.

VanIsland Lisa

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Jun 29, 2003
Victoria :)
Hee hee! That's priceless! But doesn't it seem like Elaine would be the pimp and Jerry the SP? and can you gals imagine having to do Newman? Ick! Kramer's kinds sexy in an abstract way though..
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