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Jan 22, 2003
I am fairly new to game and have a couple of questions.

1. Some of the so called upper end MP's charge a room fee and tips are added on by the lady. Has anyone ever gone to one of these and, when advised of the "tip" required, said I will stick with the massage only? What was the reaction?

2. After making some phone calls I have discovered there is a wide range in prices. Are these ladies at the upper end of the rates $500+++++ worth it.

I'm an out of towner and don't get to Vancouver very often. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Anyone comming to Prince George and interested in tapping what little knowledge I have of the area let me know.


Lord Lickworthy
Jul 11, 2002
Top Notch Indies

There are some independent escorts that offer upscale incall service with fees between 200-250. Both Angel offer fantastic value & memories for the money. I have also heard that Morgan is also great bang for the buck. But you have to book these ladies in advance as the demand is high.

Good Luck and happy pooning. Read some of the other reviews and Pooners all time favorite lists on this site.
Dec 2, 2002
Poon City
I've been to the big three madame cleos,swedish touch, and the platinum club. Both cleo and platinum charges around 80 per for a standard room and they do have morning specials for half price. Swedish touch charges 125 and 80 for early mornings. The big three MP tipping generally range from 300-500. I've had a encounter with a actual Magazine model at one of these high priced MP and I didnt mind tipping 300-500 for a young magazine model. But generally these girls are stuck up and trained to take as much off you as possible.