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Jan 18, 2020
Hey fellas! I appreciate all your reviews and opinions on all the sp’s in the area!! I hope to contribute myself! I’ve seen a few ladies and will post my experiences shortly. I’m not sure if I’ve watched too many movies or what but a part of me is super sketched out about getting busted by the fuzz in my new found hobby. I know that there are fake ads on LL but what is the possibility of the 5.0 posting fake ads?? Any veterans out there that have any experience or knowledge on this subject?? Also, I hope this is ok to post here?? As I said I’m new here so any advice on do’s and dont’s is appreciated. But for the record, I’m just a guy sick of failed relationships but still need other aspects of said relationships and not some creepy fucker looking for under age or anything like that. So in advance I’ll thank you all for any advice to help the new guy out and I’ll do my best to contribute!!


Jul 16, 2013
If the 5.0 cared they would shut down DH and BB first. The members are their biggest customers anyway.

Personally I am not worried. As you say if there are too young or pimp involved then those are red flags. If in the rare chance you have an interaction with the 5.0 don't say anything (it's your right) and contact a lawyer.


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Nov 3, 2017
Rawjack is spot on.

To build on what he said... especially if you are just starting out, I suggest sticking with the TTT list with providers who have good reviews and confirmation of being legit already. Signing up on this site is definitely a good start. Always google search the phone number and remember reverse image search is your friend if you are concerned about the provider.

Posting reviews on here is how we keep ourselves safe, as well as how we help the good and legit providers out there so always check on here by searching names / numbers.

If you see someone, be sure to share your experience too
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