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New asians


Dec 21, 2009
Thought you might be talking about the Duncan ones that seem to also advertise in Victoria. Stunning images.


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Mar 13, 2020
New asians in this town are mostly scams, bait and switches, same lady that's been around for years but changes her advertising to look fresh and new. They will say they are 100% the person in the ad photos but 99% of the time that statement is false. The hope for them is for you to travel all that way, think with the wrong head and give in even after being bait and switched. Always incall no outcall for obvious reasons. They sit around waiting for the next horny shmuck to get duped.

I have experienced mystery asian ladies off leo say come see for yourself real photo. Very pretty. You will see in person. Come come but its the same old crap. Waste of time and effort if you ever do go through with it. They list or send a to good to be true menu thats a big no no no no in person or a menu filled with rushed experiences.

How many on here have gone through with it even if her looks were not even close to the photo? Its a big number! I can understand if she was still a nice view hiding her identity but most are way off with poor services. Not worth it. Your best bet for new asians is to find touring asians with high regarded reviews or look for businesses that you or other people have had a good time at getting newly hired ladies. Just make sure you do your research and watch out for name changes. Its easy to be new in this town with a name change. The greats of this town do not need a name change such as fion or amanda. For them business is booming!

The mystery asian randoms on leo = bad idea!
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Sep 9, 2019
They're still in town but notice a few more ads up on LL working that same address.
Im thinking it's that older 40ish asian with big tits and sub-par service.
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