Tara Green

Negotiable rates?


New member
Mar 17, 2003
While looking at some of the sites at some MP's, I noticed with the info of the girls, some of them said "rates:Negotiable".

Negotiable? In Toronto, the rates are what they are. Most do not negotiate. When you get into the room, you ask the mpa what "extras" are offered and what the rate is for each. But, there's no negotiating.

Do the girls do the same thing here and just call it negotiating, or are you really in there haggling to get her prices down?

Can some please explain? Or is this a question better answered in a pm?

mr. reisling

Feb 26, 2003
Hey wooly Im not sure what the situation is like in Edmonton now but if a girl advertises negoatiable rates she is trying to get as much cash out of you as possible.Doesnt happen here in B.C much and when it does the board members quickly pick it up and tell every one.Most of the ladies have a flat fee for full service and will let you know what their restrictions are. If they dont then find a better one. Hope this helps!!!
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