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Sep 16, 2003
Well have been away from the scene. I need to get a good massage as well as the rest. I was going to Ft Road and now want to go and try some one else. Does any one have any good ideas. I tried to see Kennedy at Swedish Touch but she did not come in on time Friday Pm and did not want to wait all night if there was no chance that she would come in.

I was at Velvet touch but they seem to be a bit out of line money wise for an old cougar. I was at Southside but they were busy and Calgary trail well they are real nasty there


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Nov 28, 2002
Blue sky country
Carver take a couple of hours to back read posts for a month or so. Also look at the sticky on Edmonton studios with websites, on top of the 411 page, review the websites. That should give you something to think about.


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Aug 9, 2003
Carver, welcome back, IMHO ...

focus your hard earned dollars on:

1. Fantasy - any of the Girls, especially Melanie, Sharmaine, and Sydney;
2. DejaVu - Rebecca;
3. Supreme - any of the Girls, especially Lilith, Gabrielle, and try out Robin. That's Mikey says she is a fine SP. Perhaps you could post a Review. She is working tonight.
4. Sinderellas - Lauren or Haylee;
5. Penthouse - Guana or Layla; and
6. Wild Rose Oasis - Tara or Savana.

That should keep you happy and busy for a night or two.


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Sep 15, 2003
If I could add a couple of my suggestions:
A) Exit to Eden (154 St/Stony Plain Road)--try Faye. Perfect tits, great attitude
B) Penthouse--Monique. A legend in the business. Dozens of Perb mebers who rave about her can't be wrong.
C) Eurospa--Tiffany (the twin)--two of the best tits in the business.


Mar 4, 2004
Does anyone remember Carrie?

Speaking of Exit to Eden, they had a girl there for a while a couple years ago named Carrie. No not the Eurospa Carrie. She was for many years back at that Studio at the hotel on Calgary Trail South ... next to the Convention Center... can't remember the name. Then she went to that place on 124 St. & 104 Ave... which was called Presidential, and is now called ... okay, my mind is not working well for Studio Names today. Then she got caught up with that big frickin' mess with that BMO Manager ... fuck!! Can't remember his name either ... and then disappeared.

Does anyone remember her or know where she went??
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