Need more gals Like this


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May 21, 2004
Came into town and started looking for a companion for this evening. After a few very dissapointing phone calls(fs500) i started to wonder what to do. I saw a gem last summer and tried to remember her name. Did remember her going as jessica and sure enough i found her number. She is still a very enjoyable companion. Very nice conversation and she remembered me as soon as she saw me. She showed up in sexy but discreet clothing, nothing out of the normal for the mall and such, but just enough to let you know what you were in for.

After some talk she discreetly motioned towards the bed where we each enjoyed a very nice massage, one hint, take the time to give her a good one, it gets returned well. I am not one for full details but the rest was unforgettable. I quickly found out why i had good memories of her to say the least.

I did mention that she looked heavier up top, she did admit she put on some weight over the winter, trust me, it went to all the right places though. She is not a skinny waif, but nothing is overdone, just a excellent example of what shape a gal should be in in my books.

This will vary, i know she is white, but tonight her tan gave her a very exotic edge.

All said i think she is the best for outcall in edmonton that i have seen so far.

Im buysexual, I have to buy sex lol

Ps: I dont post bad reveiws, that is why you dont see many from me, bad nights happen in their profession too.

Bobo The Rabbit

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May 11, 2002
Bad attitude to have Tigger, yes bad nights happen but that wont put 2 browns back in my pocket.
I hate seeing the excuse of a "off day" being used.

Do you have any contact info for this Jessica? A web site or paper she is listed in? Also how much you ended up spending would be nice.
Nice review though, she sounds good.