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Native girls


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Nov 29, 2002
While in Vancouver I had four different exp. I picked up a cute 19 yr old native girl with long black hair and small firm breast and we spent an hour at my hotel. Not great at BJ but kissed nicely and came. Met another East indian or Fijian on the street and she came back and it was horrible. Wouldnt undress and just wanted to hand job me after we agreed to everything. Told me her boyfriend was weaiting. She was pretty and had a great body but bad attitude. Third one I met on Kinsway street and when she got in the car thought she was a petite chinese girl but turned out to be an underage native girl. She said she would only do BJ and I asked her how old she was she said she just turned 18. I said I dont think so and would pass. She said then that she reaaly needed the money for her sister. Then told me she was 13 (help) gave her 40 bucks and said I was not interested and good luck. She was so nice and it is sad to see. Does this happen often in van. Fourth one was also native on clark and was mid twenties and very pretty. Let me fuck her in the ass had lots of condoms and seemed clean and took her time. Even stayed and had Pizza and jerked me off before I drove her back.
Loved the native girls. Where do they usually go and are tehre any asian ones on the street
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