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Sep 25, 2002
OK you guys…. time to buck up….

Here’s a serious inquiry…I have been thinking about calling Natasha from Hollywood North Escorts and arranging a nice evening together, for several months now. Don’t ask me why. She just seems like a very attractive mature woman, and sounded pretty cool on the phone when I spoke to her recently. I just asked some questions and told her I was interested in her profile and perhaps I would call her some time soon.

She was very nice on the phone and said that a two-hour session would be four browns and a pinky thing as I recall. She used to advertise a duo session, (which I politely enquired about) but she told me her friend has gone by the way side and she would only consider it if she found the right partner. Fair enough. At the moment that is not what I am interested in.

To be honest, I am no spring chicken, so I don’t mind spending time with a lady that is graced with the finer qualities of maturity. (i.e.) They can carry on a conversation, they read something besides the Province, and they appreciate handsome men with good manners and a sense of humor)…Like me!!!

I would really appreciate someone on this board giving some info on Natasha. I understand that YMMV is the key word here, but if you have seen her recently please let me know what to expect. You can find her profile on the link below. I think Natasha looks like a fine woman, and any input to this post would be appreciated.

A search of this forum has NOT turned up any solid DNA evidence. Hoping 411 will come to my rescue.



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Oct 11, 2002
Let me know, because I too have been searching for info on her as well. I spoke to her once and she seems very pleasant, but I don't know what services she offers.



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Feb 26, 2003
Saw Natasha in late May. Here is the review I posted on theeroticreview

The mirrors in the room provided a wonderful view as she massaged me. After about ten minutes of a decent massage, it was my turn. My massage skills were quickly focused on a few particular areas of her body. She was quite an agressive kisser (we seemed to connect, so that may have contributed - YNMV) and proceeded from there to cbj and then mish sex. We lay for quite some time afterwords, cuddling and talking - she was in no rush at all and may me feel very comfortable. If a mature, sophisticated and mature provider is your desire, Natasha provides one of the best experiences that I have had in this category.

Any more questions, I'd be pleased to answer.


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May 13, 2002

Check the LeMerage website she is one of only two girls on there.