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Jun 4, 2002
I was cruisin through downtown nanaimo the other night and decided to make a pass through the stroll.......with no intentions of picking up a girl..........BUT.......ya know how it is!!!
Seen a sweet looking little thing on one of the sidestreets that I hadnt seen before and figured warranted a second look.........I spun around the block and was able to catch up to her before anyone else did.......she jumped in my car and said "my name is hannah and im 19 in case your wondering :D ......haha..I thought "sure I believe you!!"
She wanted 3 greens for a half&half .........twisted my rubber arm I tell ya!!! she didnt have a place we could go so settled for a car date..........a pretty cute girl she is!! about 105lbs,5'3".....light brown hair and roughly a b cup full o puffies! we parked in a quiet area and she wasted no time going for the bbbj.......a couple of minutes later she popped up and said"just lemme know when you wanna fuck"and immediatly returned to the bj.............well I decided it was time to mount up, so she unrolled a rubber on me and laid across the seat spread eagle and I jumped on...........excellent sound effects and extreme hip motion from her finished me off in a hurry(hey I stopped pooning for a few months).........she dosnt have a phone but says she works a couple of days a week.....I dropped her off at an apartment complex near where i found her....all in all one of the best street experiences Ive had....she gets a 9 for enthusiasm!! much for just havin a look and not picking a girl up!!!!Damn!! gotta work on my self control!!!:D


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May 13, 2002
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Spent last Saturday evening in Nanaimo. After the concert by the library ended I headed over to the stroll. No girls were in evidence during my first pass. I decided to park for a while and wait to see if any showed up. At least 8 cars were on the hunt, continually circling through the streets. (Note to the guy in the jacked-up Nissan/Datsun p-up with the bad muffler - not a good idea to continually rip around these residential streets at high speed looking for poon. Sure to bring complaints from the residents and attract LE) Eventually a thin young lady with shoulder length light brown hair came up the street and as luck would have it she was starting her night. Gave me a good BJ in the car for $40. I dropped her off down by the McDonald's. She quickly walked off, I suspect to convert my $40 into whatever substance floats her boat. Sorry, her name escapes me at the moment. I noticed that LE had one of the cruisers pulled over as I headed back through the stroll to my hotel.
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