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Mar 14, 2004
Nadia at Southern Comfort or Heaven on Earth. Don’t really know their name and don’t care.

I have visited Nadia a few times and I think she deserves a review.


Dark skinned since she’s from Brazil. Long dark hair, beautiful wide eyes, nice legs and soft voice. A little pooch is present but nothing too serious.


Relatively good conversationalist in that she asks open-ended questions to keep the conversation flowing. Superb attitude, comparable to some of the best in the business.


Open to all my requests meaning lots of different positions. The only position she did not do enthusiastically was GG. DATY is probably on the table but I can’t confirm since I find the risk associated with it unacceptable. She’s got a very good technique that has been developed over the years.


Charging uneven amounts for some services.

Do I recommend her?


I noticed a new girl on the Supreme site named Nadia. The picture looks like the Nadia from Southern Comfort but I can’t confirm this unless I see the face.


I like to poon.
Oct 29, 2002
I too had a chance to visit Nadia. I was happy to see her as I walked in. I did enjoy the view of her tits through her shirt. She led me to the first room and I got undressed.

She came in and started a massage with some small talk. We discussed what the session was to be. FS and CBJ was available. Russian as well. Started with a reverse after she massaged me for a bit. I started the reverse and found she was a little larger than I wanted and wished the bottoms stayed on.

I kept going as a trooper should. She was on her back as I was massaging down south. I noticed a not too pleasant smell. I knew it wasn't me. I knew this was going to be a session I might not enjoy so I tried to change what I wanted to just finishing with the russian. Well she slipped the condom on and let me do the russian and the CBJ at the same time. It was a decent time. I didn't know what to say so I just tried to not breathe through my nose. We went through a few positions and wanted the session to end but I knew that I would be paying the same so I continued on.

I had hoped that the session was going to be better as I liked her initial appearance. She looked sexy in that darkskinned way which I like. She does have nice sized tits which I also liked. I just didn't like the 'not so fresh' part of the session.

I didn't have the guts to say something right away. Oh well. At least I lived to poon another day.

I also want to make sure it was the right studio. It was on the right side of the strip mall with a hotel in it. There is a hockey rink right behind it and it's near a bridge.


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Aug 9, 2003
SS my sympathy goes out to you ...

She is now at Supreme. I saw her about a year ago at EuroSpa and I did not have your problem but I did not find the session memorable or enjoyable - could just be YMMV.


I like to poon.
Oct 29, 2002
Thanks for the sympathy. Can someone confirm where I saw her at? I described the location. Was that Southern Comfort? Or Supreme? I only dabble in your fine city when I get a chance so I am not 100% sure of the address but I described the location.


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Jun 14, 2003
Just south of here
yes, the location you described is Southern Comfort (now Heaven on Earth).

Supreme is not far from there, a little south on Calgary Trail South (the road just past the bridge you mention).

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