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My weekend talking with Luscious


Size Matters
Jun 20, 2002
or How to say your sorry many times.

My weekend started out badly when I found out that I had to stay in Victoria due to work commitments. Since I was stuck in town I decided to see someone but Brooklyn was still away, Selena Moore was busy, none of the ladies in Victoria that I normally see were available. I couldn’t even fly down to Vegas for a weekend getaway or over to Vancouver see YourJordan. So what’s a guy to do? I decide to see someone that has not been reviewed and take one for the team.

Checking out the various websites, I decided to book an appointment with Kayli of Victoria’s Eden. Now as you can tell from the ladies listed above, I normally see more mature, established ladies but I thought that I would take a chance on a 19 year old beauty.

So I e-mail VE and Luscious replies that Kayli is on Sat evening, so I confirmed by e-mail. Later on Saturday, Luscious sends me a note saying that they have tried to contact Kayli all day with no luck. After the appointed time and no Kayli I decided to give VE another try to redeem themselves, after all Luscious was very good at communicating what was happening and apologized for Kayli not showing up for work. So I ask for Kayli on Sunday evening, but hedging my bet I said that if Kayli was not available that I would like to see Sapphire.

Luscious in her prompt and courteous way tells me that although Sapphire was not scheduled she had contacted her and she would be available. Great! I had wanted to see Sapphire for some time but for some reason never got around to getting together. Confirmed.

Sunday evening rolls around and 30 minutes passed the appointed time a message appears saying that they can’t find my place. Fine, directions are sent. 30 minutes later there was another message saying that Sapphire cannot make it due to child minder cancellations. Other options were given but it was getting too late. Luscious was very upset at what had happened on the two attempts to book an appointment and has offer to make amends which I will try to take her up on, but still the whole weekend was shot and the situation reminded me of the cheese shop skit from Monty Python Link To Text
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