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My Victoria visit


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May 13, 2002
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Again had the opportunity to visit your beautiful city earlier this month.

In addition to my other sightseeing duties I had the opportunity to spend time with some of your ladies.

First up was Gillian. I had met her during an earlier visit when she was with Classy Ladies. I again found her fun and adventurous and would see her again.

With all of the good press she has received Rylee was on my definite must meet list. She is obviously very popular. I called at around 7:00PM and could not get an appointment until 11:00PM. Putting the thought of what that meant out of my head I eagerly awaited my rendezvous with her. She did not disappoint. Despite the fact that she had been working for 4 hours she was very cheerful and extremely enthusiastic. I almost lost it during the Russian portion of the lead up to the main event. What a lady. Lots of fun and intelligent. I hope she cuts down on her work hours and doesn't burn out too quickly.

Sunday afternoon I was visiting the street sale downtown and happened to notice a street girl that caught my eye. Jules advised me that she rarely worked the streets but needed some extra money that day. Anyway, she was decently dressed so I took her back to the hotel for FS. Friendly girl, very eager, didn't come across like a junkie, might look her up again.

Ahh, I can't wait till my next visit.


Oct 19, 2002
Glad to hear..

Good to hear you had a great visit to our Great City;) you saw some Excellent Ladies:p
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