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My first copy of SingTao newspaper


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Apr 4, 2004
Ok, I dont know where this post should be directed, so I put it here. I just bought my first copy of the famous SingTao newspaper and I'd like to share some observation and experience. I would also like to hear inputs from everyone. I have been living in canada most of my life(15 years +), but I can speak chinese fluently and its my mother tongue.

Picked up a copy of SingTao from 7-11 and started browsing thru it. As anyone in the chinese community would know, SingTao newspaper is geared toward cantonese reader(its printed in traditional chinese character rather than simplified). SingTao actually got alot of ads on it, I kept on flipping the pages until I hit section E19 and found what I have been looking for.

There are roughly 35 ads spread out onto 2 pages. I look thru them and recongized few AMP thats frequently talked about on the board, such as
swan lake and temptation. However; I have never heard about majority of them(I am newbie in this hobby and maybe its simply that I am inexperienced). Some of them are AMPs, some of them are indy's, and some of them you cant really tell from the ad.

For those that cant read chinese, dont worry you are not missing out much. In fact, the ads dont say much. Most of the Ads say the same thing and those pictures are not real, I recongize many of the them as movie stars or models in Asia. I can generalize what it says on the ad as following:

1. we have a large selection of girls
2. once you have seen our lady, you are bound to come back again because
their skills are incredible and satisfaction is guarnteed
3. on the bottom of the ad, most of them say they are still recruiting and
that out-call services are available

Thus, its quite frustrating eventhough I am chinese myself, because very little information has been provided on the ad. I have no idea what to expect when I am making the call. One of the ad only have 1 sentence that reads
"cheap, high-class, last 20 days before closing" and a phone number below it. Perb is kinda sketchy about posts on micro, so i am not gonna go into details about them.

Those are just my general experience that I'd like to share. If anyone who needs some help in getting info out of the SingTao newspaper, feel free to PM me. Please tell us your experience/observation if you like.

btw, one of the ad has a number that starts with *82, what the heck does *82 mean?
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Aug 10, 2004
btw, one of the ad has a number that starts with *82, what the heck does *82 mean?
Dialing *82 before the number you wish to call will unblock your number if your number usually shows up as private on caller id.