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My birthday


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Apr 15, 2019
We all want real girls that match the pics. Lucia does, with the only difference being her hair is a few inches shorter than in her pics. Good luck with whomever you choose for your special day!
Thank you for thinking of me :) p.s: my hair is now back to its normal length... x
Jul 17, 2019
Hi everyone my birthday is Aug 1st and im looking for a girl 25 and under. Look for a real nice gfe. Dfk daty and bbbj. Looking for a caucasian girl. With so many fake girls out there. I would love a suggestion that would make my birthday. Thanks
Well tomorrow is the big day. My birthday. Still looking for suggestions for my birthday girl to see.

Mr Quim

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Jan 14, 2007
The beautiful Fraser Valley !
Are you still with this bday boy... Really!!!
Do you remember Rumplestilskin... I suspect
your bday will be uneventful if you keep this up...
Good grief.. grow a pair..
Let's just add this Thread, to the continually growing list of Requests .
Requests that are offered many sincere legitimate Suggestions, which are never followed through on ?

Trying to find a girl with really small breast. Im trying to find a recommendation for A cup or B cup

Hi everyone. I'm trying to find a blonde for my Christmas gift to myself. I keep finding fakes and liers and rip off girls and girls that are fake visitors. I really could use some help for my gift. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

I'm sure Everyone's heard the Story about "Crying Wolf" ?
It doesn't work out in the End ! 😉 LOL 🤣

Mr Q.

P.S. Another old saying is "Shit or get off the Pot !"
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