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MP Take Out?


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Apr 17, 2003
A little while ago, I posted to ask about the escort scene in Edmonton, only to learn through searching/reading, despite Granny's posts, that there is little for me to enjoy in that scene.

I've pretty much determined that Penthouse is the MP I should frequent during my trip, particularly nice since my hotel is nearby.

One last question: is there any possibility to arrange a subsequent outcall with an MP, Penthouse or otherwise, after an initial incall visit? Or perhaps an outcall visit from a stripper?

I have luck in this regard in other cities, but I'll only be in Edmonton for one week, so I don't want to waste my time if I'm advised that this is a hopeless goal.

Thanks for any feedback.


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Apr 23, 2003
In my own imagination!!

I guess they act sort of like an agency in this regard. I mean the Parlour probably gets a cut this way. That is good because you can see someone you like in a more comfortable setting like your home if you want.


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Jan 22, 2003
Goesks, heck no, I got over my hissy fit a long time ago. It is actually illegal for a massage girl to do an outcall. An outcall requires an escort licence which is $1500/yr. A massage license is only $60/yr. It would'nt be fair to the escorts if a massuese was providing everything an escort would, but paying so much less for the renewal fees. The only time there might be an exception ( as far as I know ), is if the girl had both license's. I'm not sure what the rules are when a girl sees a regular client outside of the studio.

PS.......................I was never mad at you.

Love Rebecca