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MP in McMurray


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Jul 4, 2003
Awhile back I posted a thread asking if anyone knew of any SP's in McMurray, well some sly detective work (looked in the personals) and I found a MP. So what the heck, I figured I would give if a try.

Nice place, nestled in amonst a resturant, couple lounges and a tire shop you find the McMurray Health Studio. They offer, massage, body shampoo (broken) and steam rooms (alone no girls present).

Nice place, done in a nice asian motiff. Two girls are on call, which they replace every week. The girls all come from Edm.

On call during this particular visit was Alanna and DJ. I had the pleasure of Alanna's company this visit. Started off with an incredible massage and finished with a HJ. It did not appear as though CBJ or FS was available fom this particular lady.

Alanna is very hot for a thirty something lady, very curvy. Never met DJ.

Overall the experience was enjoyable. They whole thing was a brown and four greens, the kicker is the session starts at four greens and a purple. (Includes the session and the HJ) Three greens and a blue for toppless and an additional purple for nude.

Keep you posted on any new endeavors in Mac.
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