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Mothers Day


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Dec 23, 2004
Happy Mothers' Day!

I hope all the moms on Perb get fucked by at least 5 strangers for money to mark this special day!


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Sep 21, 2004
Special 400th Post

I could not think of a better way to use up my 400th post than to salute all the hardworking Moms in perb land.

You are all wonderful ladies doing what you have to do to provide a home and support for your child(ren). Unfortunately, your professional career has not been accepted by society and thus that perception reduces the fact that you are doing as much as any other Mom is under more difficult condtions to provide and to go on with your lives. I know from discussions with single mom SPs what they have to go through and it is not easy, believe me.

Keep up the fantastic work ladies and thank you and the other non-Moms for providing us with a service that is invaluable.

There is no greater love than a mother for her child or a child for his\her mother.

I apologize for the tardiness of this salute but I did not have access to a computer yesterday.


P.S. Someone much wiser than I once said, "Having children is hereditary. If your parents did not have any children, then chances are neither will you."