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More Working Girl Tales... I.E. Emails From Hell...


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Dec 11, 2003
I just love communicating with someone for several emails... Thinking I have a booking of an extended amount of time & then "he" sends me the following email:

Thanks you for your e-mail, concerning the booking, i will like to book for just one day which is 24hrs and you should expect a company cheque, immediately after you cash the cheque just remove your money and sending the remaining fund to a doctor treating a small boy who has a hole in his penis for (penis cancer)so you will help me to do this cos i am helping the boy on charity concern, so i will be sending a company cheque of $9,000 to you, $2,700 for you, and $6,000 for the doctor that is treating the boy, so am using this opportunity to tell you that you will help me transfer the funds to the doctor who is treating the boy. so that they can start the operation. i also need your cell phone number with home phone number. so since you have to agreed with me ok.



Just needed to vent... TG for sunshiney days!!!! Makes it all seem very trivial... Wreck Beach Weekend!!!

Carlotta :p


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Dec 11, 2003
This MUST be Friday the 13th GRRRR

And the emails continue... :mad:

Hi Carlotta,

I a thirty eight years old American, but a football Coach in Tunisia.
I will soon be coming over Vancouver for some assignment. Going
through your profile and pix makes me whaoo! and I know you will make a very
good companion to me. Like you must know my job attracts a lot of
publicity so I will want you to know this. Could you please let me know if
you will be able to keep my company as well as your charges. Once I
know if you will be available and your charges I will arrange for payment
in advance so that you can make yourself available for me. I will be
responsible for Accommodation, Transportation, Feeding and entertainment
etc during my stay, so you need not worry yourself about this. If you
feel that we better make it in your place I wont mind.

I promise you that you will be treated well enough to request for a
repeat. Though I am a gentleman but I will make you feel like a real
woman. I just hope that I will not fall in ......

I will appreciate a quick response.

G. Marshall.



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Jun 11, 2004
This scam is all over the place on Ebay!

They buy your item for $100 and send you a bogus check for $200, and ask you to send them the difference. A lot of people fall for it.

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Sep 21, 2004
Vancouver or FMTY
It's an old scam

They are just seeming to target escorts more and more because we can deal with large amounts of money, and they are betting we won't report it.

I do have an email address if the ladies would like to B/C me where you can forward these emails (with headers) onto. It's the fraud department.

The way this scam works is that you bring the cashier check/bank draft/money order to your bank. It clears, and you think all is good. You Western Union the difference back to the person.

A couple of weeks later, it turns out the check was really a counterfeit. Most banks you deposit it at won't realize it. The person is banking on the lag between you getting clearance from your bank and the 'issuing' bank saying is is a fake be be enough time for you to feel secure and wire over the funds. You will be stuck with paying off the difference.

And if you are in the US, don't even think of taking money orders for escorting via mail. Turns a midsemeanour into a federal offense.