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Apr 12, 2004
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Dr Strangelove said:
Best BBBJtc: Jessy from celine's fantasies/satin dreamz
Mid 30s but total GFE and VERY openminded and fun: Naughtlady Ronnie
Many other good ones with celines fantasies
Dr S
also been there, done that. you didn't specify what your looking for.
as for agencies my ratings in no particular order:

celines fantasies/ satin dreamz

all in the 130-160$ range

report back


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Dec 23, 2004
status repport

OK. I did not know where to post my report since I figured if I post it in Vancoouver Reviews everyone woulmd point out that it belonged in MERB not PERB, Still, I think people are interested and those of you who helped me out asked for and would appreciate a report back., so I am posting it to the original thread.

The responses were great and provided the basis for my research. MERB and montrealspreadsheet were helpful. Never reallized how hot the pooning is in Montreal. Anyway, after much research decided to try asservissantes as they had lots of good reviews and no negative ones. Only drawback is they do not have a lot of pics on their web site.

Phoned Martin the day before to book ahead. He advised that he did not do advance bookings and to call when I got there. Arrive in the afternoon and phoned for a 5 pm. He advised that he had no one until 6:30 when he could send Marie-Eve. Marie-Eve happened to be one of the really hot reviews on MERB so I figured I had lucked out and agreed to 6:30. Little did I know then.

At 6:30 no Marie-Eve. A few minutes later the phone rings and it is Martin advising me that her driver has phoned in and the traffic is bad so she will be about 15 minutes late. Too bad the agencies here don't have that kind of class and service.

6:45 and a knock at the door. Open up and there is Marie-Eve as described in the MERB and asservissantes sites. A sexy attractive Montreal spinner. Some friendly small tack and she heads for the loo to get ready. Returns in a bra and thong. I am blown away by a truly perfectly proportioned spinner come waif body. I think the website says she is 5'1" and 100 lbs. I could not tell height for sure other than she was 5' plus or minus. The 100 lbs was soaking wet. She later told me she was 97 or 98 lbs. She has perky but enhanced breasts. They are not overlarge but are well proportioned to her body, a small C cup as I later confirmed from her bra while she was cleaning up. Green eyes, blond hair, shaved, nice package.

she turns down the bed and we hop in. she goes right to dfk, nipplle licking and kissing then down to Mr. Happy. Fabulous bbbj (she made me promise not to cim although apparently necklaces are OK). I had to ask her to stop after a while as this is probably the best blow job I have ever had since the first one when I was 16. Actually that one was rather amateurish, bit it was the first.

Anyway, more playing around, more bbbj, she kept going back to that, lots of licking various areas and body parts. Finally, at my request out comes the hat and she jumps one for a reverse cowgirl. We try a number of positions then Iget her out of bed and have her bend over the desk in front of the mirror for some doggy. She really gets into this and starts pushing back using the desk for leverage. All good things come to an end and this did too.

We both clean up, but instead of leaving as most SP's would, she gets back into bed and we talk for about ten minutes. Then she starts back on Mr. Happy. Well, I am not that young and he is pretty wrinkled and worn out by now but she seems to take it as a personal challenge to get the wrinkles out. What follws is about ten minutes of the best oral sex ever. I trully believe that she could suck start a vacuum cleaner. She finally gets him hard enough for the cap and we end up horizontal doogy to the finish.

This is one hot attractive spinner of a 24 year old. She loves what she does and has a very talented mouth and a work ethic, you pay for an hour, you get an hour, MSOG and all. Best of all, the fee was $160, all inclusive. I gave her a $30 tip and she actually thanked me.

Thanks to you PERBsters for the help. I recommend a trip to Montreal.

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Dec 6, 2002
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Spoils you for life....doesn't it ? ;)
btw/ It's me.....jettaboy.....just changed my name.
Glad you enjoyed.....