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Oct 1, 2003
I always arrive for a session well-scrubbed, sober and on time. I'm sure others are not as cosiderate. I once arrived at a provider's for an appoinment only to find someone had drive up unannounced and was trying to jump the queue as it were. A shouting match in the front drive ensued between usurper and provider. Not wanting to be part of the street theater I started to drive away. The provider, seriously under-dressed for roadside repartee ran after me and correctly stated I had been booked and the interloper would be sent packing. I demured and stated I'd be back another, quieter time and drove off. The provider later told me she wanted me to stay because I was booked/ he was not and she disliked the man intensely and didn't want to see to him.
I guess this is mainly for providers, but anyone can chip in - Since discretion is usually paramount with providers and clients, just what has been witnessed regarding unacceptable behaviour and how is it dealt with?


Feb 23, 2003
weird scene

Sounds like a weird scene you described (a funny one too in retrospect maybe).

As discretion is paramount in this field (both to the SP and hobbier), I for one would have gotten the h_ll out of there like you. Creating a scene in the middle of the street is the last thing you want to do.

But to be fair to the SP (as we don't know her side of the story), perhaps it was out of her control. Maybe he was one of those psycho pooners that stalked or harassed the SP (I have heard that SP do get trouble from a few guys). She may have tried to get rid of him quickly and keep her appointment with you.

So it is hard to say, was it a MP or an incall?
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