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Melissa - Xtreme Comfort


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Oct 29, 2002
Located on 27th Ave in the N.E. Stopped in and was greeted by Melissa. There was also another girl that might have been called Mya or something. Didn't quite catch it.

Melissa was wearing tight black pants and a tight top that looked good IMO. I would consider her to be E.Indian or the like. Perhaps not E.Indian but maybe....??? ...if only I could place it. If your looking for E.I and haven't had much luck she would be worth a visit anyway. YMMV. You take what you can sometimes with looking for an E.I experience. Lights were dim most of the time but I found her to be attractive!

Decent B-C naturals and a grabbable ass. I'm thinking maybe 120lbs? Don't take my word for it. She's not model thin but not heifer either. I would say average weight. Well presented and easy to talk to. I'm thinking I've seen her at another studio but can't place it.

Now that's out of the way....

Door rate was $35. Minimum donation would be another $60. Topless was available for $80. Massage was ok. Nothing that was therapeutic. No teasing of the boys. Good finish.

Shower is down the hall in front of the main door. Just make sure the curtain is pulled or you can see out the front door.


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Sep 29, 2003

The other day I went in to Xtreme and saw Mary based on other posts. I was suprised to see a 45ish year old woman weighing about 140lbs. Don't know why I didn't run out the door then. Paid $35 for 1/2h. Good massage with light teasing. When it came time to talk about extras I didn't think I had heard correctly. HJ for $60??? what??? Russian for $100???? I've been doing this for the past 3 years and the prices have gone up at least 50% in that time. I wish my wages could do the same.

Why is this? :confused:
Who is setting the prices?
I just heard of someone paying $60 at Northland, another place that not long ago was only $40.

The best experiences I've had in the past year have been with the girls visiting from Montreal (Amelie) or Vancouver (Niko). Anywhere but Calgary.
I know of a few $$ that will be going to Niki (also from IN) this week and not to a Calgary SP.


Mar 13, 2004
Huge Demand

I would not mind checking out the massage studios sometime....but they will have to improve. Why are there no young girls working here...

I don't want some 45 yr old woman stroking my freaks me out!!!!

C'mon massage studio owners...cater to your customers...then you might gain some!!!! :D

BigDEE - Great forearms!!!!