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Jul 16, 2003
Hey, anybody has info on the health section of vancouver courier. I only had experience with Sara. They are many names. I wanna try one, which one you suggest?????


Oct 6, 2002
I am going to give you a few DO NOT SEE's...if I can find a do see I will state that. I know this isn't what you asked for but just in case you decide on one of these following ladies...don't see them.

CINDY-Oriental Touch, she usually has a few different ads in. She sucks. Bad massage, wierd lady, old, not attractive...etc etc.

Ontario and 49th Oriental Massage. I had made two appointments and both times were cancelled. Don't actually know about the massage but two cancellations means a no go for me.

Traditional Thai Massage....This was actually a good massage and a very nice girl but it is completely NON-SEXUAL. I enjoyed the massage but on that evening I was looking for a little more. If you just want a good thai massage she is pretty reasonable and give sa very good massage.

###That's it for the ones I've tried.

A good one is Chi-healing....something webpage. June's Magic hands. I saw her quite awhile ago. She is located in Richmond which is a bit far for me. Very good massage and very good hj. Not the most attractive package but if you are looking for a solid massage and HJ that's a good place to go. Location is a bit odd but reasonable charge.
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