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Massage Parlours Raided!


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Nov 4, 2003
This is probably why service providers are vague.

Thursday, November 6, 2003
Human traffickers targeted
Calgary vice squad attacks prostitute pipeline starting in Asia and ending here

An arm of an underground human trafficking pipeline that allegedly conspired to ferry young prostitutes from Asia to work in Calgary bawdy houses has been severed by police.

"We have seen a marked increase in the number of Asian massage practitioners working in Calgary in the last three years, and we have some questions about how some of those persons have arrived in Canada," said Calgary Police Service Det. Cam Brooks of the vice unit.

The lengthy police investigation -- dubbed Operation Relaxation -- began in April 2002 and involved more than 20 Calgary police officers, who conducted dozens of covert operations, undercover stings and intelligence-gathering missions.

The investigation was capped yesterday after a specialized police team conducted an all-day operation, swooping down on more than a dozen massage parlours and common bawdy houses.

It was the largest bust of its kind in Calgary history.

The roughly 12-hour operation that involved cops, immigration officials and city inspectors resulted in at least 11 arrests.

Several charges were laid, including conspiracy to procure a person to enter Canada to work in a bawdy house, living on the avails of prostitution, keeping a common bawdy house and drug-related charges.

Further charges are pending.

The operation also sliced open and exposed the sordid underbelly of Calgary's underground prostitution racket.

The women of the current police focus are typically prostitutes working in Thailand -- where flesh peddling is legal -- and want to come to Canada to pursue a better life for themselves and their families, Brooks said.

"The problem is they can't get out of their country legally," said Brooks. That obstacle is easily overcome when bogus documents are obtained by Thai "agents" who charge $10,000 for the forged documents.

With visas in place, an "escort" takes the women to Canada, where they meet with a local flesh broker who buys out the contract at a cost of between $35,000 and $40,000.

That expenditure is then passed on to the prostitutes who must repay the debt to buy their freedom in their new country.

Police were allegedly able to arrange the purchase of Thai women through a Calgary broker, but did not follow through with the deal. Until yesterday's busts, police estimated between 60 and 80 Asian women -- from Thailand, Malaysia, Burma -- were illegally working in Calgary.

"Back in 2000 the majority of women in the massage parlours were Caucasian. Now you're hard-pressed to find any white girls there," Brooks said.

"Right now there are roughly 1,700 city-licensed massage practitioners and I'd say only a small percentage of them are legitimate."


Willy Slick
Aug 7, 2003
Yeah 5-0 on the prowl, sure makes it hard to be a decent perb-ert in this city. Not that I'm in favour of slavery if that is in fact the case. Haven't visited many Asian places but I can't think of anyone I've seen doing what they do against there free will.

Maybe a little naive.

Anyone hear of any legitimate SP's (non-asian sex slaves) getting busted during the raid(s). I'm sure the LE didn't just stop at the Orientals.

Would be nice to get an inside scoop on this if anyones heard anything.


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Jun 8, 2003
well, all i can say is that it’s a very complex situation, and you certainly can’t expect any analysis or insight from a rag like the calgary sun. the only asp that i know really well, i met six years ago. i was one of her first customers, and when i met her all she could say in english was how are you, massagy, and handjobby. i’ve seen her regularly every since, and watched her learn english and blossom into a great canadian. i also watched her pay cash for her new mercedes, pay off her mortgage for her house which, vancouver being vancouver, cost half a million. i always joke that naiveguy paid for the garage :) and now she’s bought half a business. so much for exploitation.
but v...’s right, no self-respecting pooner wants to go near slavery, and there are really horrific things going on at a global level. even in calgary apparently some mp’s also make the sp’s pay them out of their tip money for room time, and that’s not just asian ones. that seems disgusting to me, when we tip we expect the girl to keep it all. anyway whenever i sensed the girls were unhappy where they worked i never went back, but it seems to me the trade should be properly regulated so the girls are protected. talking to a number of asp’s, what they really seem to fear is LE, and being shipped back to their country without anything. legalization and proper rights for the sp’s seems to be the only solution, but as i said it’s complex and i don’t really understand it all that’s for sure. anyway my 2 cents.


Mar 2, 2003
Here's the official press release from the cops:


This is one of the big reasons why I've never frequented Asian SP's. Of course, some non-white SP's may also be in a slavery type of situation, especially if the MP is run by a certain motorcycle gang. It's one of the reasons I like to know who or what owns the MP I frequent. But it's far, far more common among places dominated by Asian women. And their stories are usually tragic and appalling. The people in Thailand who scam these desparate women into slavery should be shot.

Naiveguy's scenario is, to an astronomical degree, the exception, and not the rule. It's great that she built heself up from scratch, but far more end up back in Asia in debt, in jail, or dead.

I hope something can be done to help these women.

BTW, I saw a "retirement" post on another thread....I also have "retired". I am in a relationship, and it looks like it will last. She is amazing, and we haven't even slept together yet, even after five months. I am in love, maybe truly for the first time. My curiosity still draws me here once in a while, I did most of my hobbying in Edmonton when I was on business. Whatever happens, this woman has shown me a new light, so to speak.

I've only been a partial contributor, thanks to all who gave their all. Have fun, be careful, and for Gods sake, play safe.


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Mar 12, 2003
Enjoy your retirement. I have also avoided MPs in Calgary and gone to ones in Edmonton while on business there. Better selection and prices in Edmonton. With recent busts, will probably be avoiding MPs in Calgary even more. However, I would like to find out if Samantha (formerly of Club Yelena and was working out of East West Wind) is still working at East West Wind following recent busts. I know that her phone number has been in the Calgary Sun, however when I try calling; I haven't gotten an answer. Thanks.


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Mar 12, 2003
There was a recent post in other Calgary discussion board. Post indicated that something might be happening at MPs this week. Definitely a good time to avoid going to MPs in the near future in Calgary.
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