Marvelous M1A


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Jul 23, 2006
I recently had the pleasure of spending time with M1A. Wow.

She arrived at my door looking like one of those college hotties you can’t stop looking at: chunky dark hair, funky glasses, tight pin-striped pants over a hot ass and stiletto heels (ok, this last bit isn’t college girl, but damn sexy!). After a quick hello she said, with a coy smile: “I have to pee”. When she came out of the bathroom she looked like a lingerie model ready to work: sexy bra and panties, black stockings, and she still had on those fuck-me shoes!

Round One

The beginning is a bit of a blur. Somehow we got to the bed and rolled around, exploring each other’s bodies, kissing her full lips, lots of tongue (kisses do not get better than these), licking, nibbling, sucking. I do remember playing with her firm, perky breasts (gotta love young women!). This was a very hot foreplay session, and woody was really ready for action.

On went the lid and M1A proceeded to give an awesome CBJ with almost complete DT, lots of eye contact (beautiful big eyes, BTW), great tongue and suction. She noticed that the boys had been freshly shaved and said that I was even cleaner shaved than she was. I told her that calls for an inspection and down I went for a yummy snack at the Y (an appetizer, the full meal came later). Great pussy: just enough meat on the lips to suck without any looseness, saucy little clit, all good!

We moved between CG and mish next, again this part is a bit of a blur, but I think we went mish, CG, mish. This was really awesome fucking, she ground, pushed back, and squeezed, all accompanied by awesome kissing, licking (the most erotic ear licking I’ve ever had!), and at some point, her feet on my shoulders! I was really, really ready to blow, so I pulled back from mish and went for another yummy snack at the Y! Then, back to doggy for a mind-blowing O for me.

I haven’t even withdrawn and M1A said: can we do that again!


This is where M1A excels. She is smart, funny, and worldly. She knows what’s going on in the world, loves jazz and Leonard Cohen and is passionate about everything she does, including her work. In some ways this was the most intimate part of the evening because M1A is a really open and genuine person. Usually reviewers say this about the other parts of the service, but I’ll say it here: YMMV.

Round Two

This was a completely different session. The transition from Intermission was so smooth, I barely noticed it. But next thing I know I’m on my back and M1A is grinding her sweet pussy into my mouth. Yum! This round was gonna be the big buffet! After a bit of rolling around M1A was on her back and I was giving her clit everything my tongue could dish out. She asked for a digit in the “come here” pose. Fortunately I had trimmed all my nails when I shaved the boys, so I was ready to oblige. After an intense bit of dining, with gentle cues on how to move my finger, M1A came. Holy shit. She started this intense moan, then vise-clamped her legs and shuddered. She finished by rolling onto her side and just sobbing into the pillow. I just slid up close to enjoy the afterglow.

When she recovered I guided her hand down to woody, just to show her how much I appreciated what had just happened. Before I knew it, a cover was back on, there’s more DT and then she looked up at me and said: “I want you to fuck me.” Oh yeah! Straight to mish (I wanted to watch her face), followed by a couple of sideways variations and then full doggy with cries of “harder, fuck me harder”! Well this finished me.

Repeat? Do you need to ask? This is ATF material.