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Manicure & pedicure place?

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May 2, 2004
Blue guy in red state
Any suggestions for a place for a man to go for a manicure & pedicure in downtown Vancouver? I'm looking for a place that actually gets male traffic and knows what to do when a man walks in the door. I don't do polish, but I do like to have the calluses on my feet razored off and the dead skin on my heels pomiced off.

Any advice?

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Dec 20, 2004
Pro-Nails Seymour and Davie

It's a great nail bar. I've been seeing them for about 5+ years. They have 3 spa pedicure chairs with massage and heat in the seats and a spa basin for your feet. The male customers I see coming in generally have a lot of money to burn, considering the cars they come out of parked outside and how they tip, very generously.