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Man Taped Session Without SP's consent:

that... and massage parlors (not all... its usually only one bad apple) have been known to have strategically placed cameras. brrrrrr

but y'never know - years and years ago (long before licencing) I used to bring fellas home... and another gal started a rumour that I had my boyfriend tucked in the closet taking pictures. Wasn't true of me, so it might not be true of others. Still... you've found that little piece of information. And y'know... cameras can be retrofitted into purses, radios, heck... just about anything. Really makes you wonder, doesn't it?


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Apr 23, 2003
In my own imagination!!
It makes ya wonder..

.... For me I don't care as I am single and 90% OF MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY KNOW ABOUT MY hobby. The one person on earth who I don't want to know about it is my mom. Anybody else I am okay with it. It must be worse for you SP's though. Family and friends might not be so understanding.
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