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Male Escorts... Why would a woman want to?


Haunting Whispers
Oct 19, 2002
As I said in another thread (Okay ladies... your turn... male escort) .... there appears to be two distinct reasons some women hire the services of a male escort.

(1) Sex

(2) Short term companion

While the market for male escorts is not a high as for female escorts, there does appear to be a demand (mind you, you don`t see much of it in Vancouver/Victoria... or ist there one heck of an untapped market?).

Interestingly... any Sp I have discussed this with have ALWAYS used male escorts for sex. Their rationale is simple, this comes from one woman who discussed this with me...

"I don`t get to choose my partners in work, and when I am working... it is about giving pleasure to HIM. There are times I WANT to be pleasured. And when I want it to be all about me... I go out and fill that void"

Then there are the non-sp`s. Some of them seem to have the same reasons (wanting female focused sex)... but by far, the others pursue male escorts for option (2).

One woman explained it to me this way...

I finished university at the age of 26. After that I threw myself into my career. Now, at the age of 36, I have finally got to the top of my profession in my firm. I earn a great salary but it comes at an expense - I never have time for a boyfriend. I started using male escort services while I was travelling abroad with work. Nothing sexual just company. I take them for dinner and drinks and there are never any strings - they don`t expect anything more and I don`t have to invite them back to my place afterwards. At home I was sick and tired of attending friends weddings or parties alone or with a female friend. Company functions are the worst, you know the oogling eyes of co-workers knowing that you`re single trying to make a move. But by using an escort, I don`t have to worry about these things. I introduce him as a friend to co-workers and, on other occasions, I use him for nights I don`t want to be alone or when I want to go out to a movie. It is all done on a purely professional basis. I don`t need to worry about it anymore."

So for those of you out there who have used the services of a male escort (or even if you are thinking about it)... what is the motivation. Option (1) or (2)?.

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