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Maddison @ Pleasure point


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Feb 18, 2003
Edmonton, Ab
Well needless to say i had see Maddison once before around a year ago. I phoned in trying to find out the accuracy of Krissy's schedule cause i've really been hoping to meet her for a long time as well. Well i heard that maddison was working so thought i would swing by again to see if she was what i remembered.

She's a mid 20's blonde. Medium sized. She looks decent with her clothes on but has had a child and never lost the excess afterwards. Her massage was average to above average. She did mention that she was into D&S for those that are into that sort of thing(i'm definately not) Once engaged in the FS she began to enjoy herself. She was pretty close to a PSE. Fairly affectionate and fun to be with.


5 / 9 / 7

would i repeat? i have once already.. not sure if i will again or not. but i doubt it.
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