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Luna LL 2058, Just What I Needed!


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Aug 1, 2014
In Pussyland
With a dismal pooning year behind me and my vaccine having had a month to whip my immune system into shape, I decided it was about time I reacquainted myself with the pleasures of the flesh.

Today I took an educated gamble on LL and based on a hunch and some clues I picked up from her ad, I picked up my trusty digital device and stuck my neck out. Text got a fast response with set up phone call to set things in motion. A few words put my mind at ease, as she let me know I was not unknown, there being a connection between Luna and my favourite Russian passion partners Abby and Apple.

I found the new discreet location, standard no knock procedure was observed and I soon found myself grinning at my new found friend.

Luna is not some bony spinner, let's make that clear. She stands about 5' 5" and has a body you can really come to grips with. Her pictures on LL are accurate. But what those pictures don't tell you is that she has a particularly pretty face, with great eyes and luscious lips.

Putting those lips to good use, this girl can kiss! I fell head first into a well of sensation, completely immersed, in her wordless welcome.

The session had a very organic feel, no script was followed but rather we meandered unrushed along a treasure map of discovery, pausing along the way to sample many delights.

Luna loves daty so that became the beautiful entry point into the more earthy of our endeavours. When her turn came around, a very nice sloppy bbbj had me gripping the bedsheets and straining to retain my sanity.

After the preliminaries, things calmed for a moment and I introduced her to the female condoms that I love to use. It was lubed and fitted and the traditional festivities commenced, with enthusiasm and as much wild abandon as l can manage these days. One of the things I like about the FC is the way it makes the main event more dynamic and much less linear. This allows a natural progression to unfold without the worries of wilt and the hassles that can bring.

Luna is such a chill chick, easy to talk to, very relatable, and I will see her again before she pulls up stakes and returns to TO. But until that time you have at least a couple of weeks to make her acquaintance. I had a great time, it was just the mental health break I needed.

Her LL ad has all the necessary deets.

And that is the way I pooned it on an early sunday evening in May.

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