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Looks like I won't be pooning in Calgary anytime soon


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Nov 12, 2002
I can't help but wonder if Kates, Good Vibrations, etc are part of this sting or not.

CALGARY -- City vice cops have shut down what they call a major prostitution ring run by an alleged madam. Customers of 19 escort agencies may be surprised and nervous to learn cops say they've arrested a woman they allege to be Calgary's answer to Heidi Fleiss -- and nabbed her client lists, the Sun has learned.

"The odds are we're going to find some high-profile Calgarians there -- (the escort agencies) have an established customer base," said Calgary police Det. Cam Brooks of the vice unit.

"We anticipate talking to those clients because they potentially will have evidence we can use in court."

The investigation -- dubbed 'Operation 24' -- began in December when cops acted on a complaint.

Police staged a complex undercover operation and were surprised by what they found.

Police allege the woman is a sophisticated madam, exactly like Heidi Fleiss and referred to the notorious Hollywood Madam who operated a million-dollar call girl operation that catered to high-profile clients during the early 1990s.

"(She allegedly) has about 34 girls working for her in at least 19 different businesses," Dulaney said.

Cops allege the working women were higher-end call girls who flaunted their wealth with nice homes and fancy vehicles.

"The escorts charged $200 for a half-hour, $245 for three-quarters of an hour and $285 for a full hour," Brooks said.

The accused allegedly got a cut.

Some of the more popular women would meet four or more clients a day, earning them "more than a grand a day," Brooks said.

According to police, all the escort businesses owned by the accused were run from a single location with about 20 client phone lines.

The escorts were, as a requirement of their employment, required to man the phones as part of their shift and match the client with an on-call employee.

However, they could also attract their own clients.

Police allege that by arresting a suspect, they have shut down most of the illicit businesses.

Kathleen Eleanor Wilson, 62, was charged with living off the avails of prostitution and compelling a person to carry out an act of prostitution.

She will appear in provincial court next week.


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Nov 28, 2002
Blue sky country
Seems like Calgary LE alternates, first they run a sting/bust on the MP's, then they go after the Escort agencies, no wonder Calgary is a pale shadow of Edmonton (relative to parlour scene in any event).

I would certainly be looking over my shoulder if I was a pooner in Cowtown, particularly if I was a local and regular customer of Kates or the dozen or so front names apparently used.

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Sep 8, 2003
Guess COWgary is so perfect

that there is no REAL crime to fight down there. Must be nice!

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Sep 8, 2003
Grendleaxe said:
--Living off the avails:

--compelling a person to carry out an act of prostitution.

Okay, now this is a biggie, and I think everyone would support the police nailing anyone that did such. The only raids in Edmonton in recent memory have been inspirred by complaints from the girls themselves - that they were either pressured and financially coerced to provide services they did not wish to, or that managment was ripping them off by not giving them their share of credit card fees.

And if this was what it was all about, I would applaud the Calgary police. But, they hardly mention that, instead concentrating on the fact that prostitution is taking place... seemingly forgetting that there is nothing criminal about that. And that even if it is immoral, the police aren't there to enforce a moral code, only a legal one.
Good point Grendleaxe. In making my point, I was making an assumption (my mistake) that no one is forcing anyone to do anything. FS is not a given to the best of my knowledge in Edm. The level of service provided is the lady's choice, which is the way it should be.
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