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Nov 4, 2003
Hey guys,

I am new to the scene and stumbled across this board and figured that I would ask some questions that I could not find answers for.
After taking sometime and reading posts I have an idea where to go and I understand the acronyms now, but not sure what to expect, I guess I am a bit nervous and not sure if I should MP or SP, what to pay, what to expect.
I think that I would like to try both the MP and SP. I am interested in everything from HJ, BJ to FS. Any hints, or anyone can explain what to expect...god I feel like a 16 year old virgin....anyways any info would be great.



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Jun 8, 2003
everybody's different, but i feel more comfortable at an mp, plus i really like massage. for the nervous types there's nothing like it :) if i were you i would study the perb threads going back a couple of months, pick out an sp that appeals to you and has a good reputation, then phone the mp and make a one hour appointment. shorter appointments aren't worth it IMHO. then relax and go slow, maybe just get her naked for a hj, until you find your way. that shouldn't be much more than a brown, although calgary being calgary maybe a brown + green. generally you pay the room fee up front, but the tip usually comes at the end, although some sp's want it up front which is not very nice. in the end your little brain's gonna take over anyway, so just have fun and play safe.
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