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Looking for a hobby (the other one)


Sep 10, 2014
I know we’re all here because of our shared “hobby”. I’ve been trying to find an interesting unique hobby for myself. I go to the gym, read, movies, cycling, ski, etc but would like a hobby that is fun, captivating and creates passion and accessible (time, financial, access, proximity, etc).

- Learn to drum. Neighbours would hate me. Risk of learning ZZ Top songs.
- Scuba diving. Most people I know who dive don’t do it that often b/c time constraints, having to find a diving buddy, etc.
- Welding and building stuff with tools. My high school shop teacher scared the bejesus outta me with really graphic “what can go wrong and tear your skin out” stories of using power tools.
-Birding. I think I’d be cold and get a hankering for chicken wings.
-Ballroom dancing. Would be cool but I’ve been warned to stay off the dance floor by my kids.
-Collecting. Collected stamps and foreign bills as a kid. Maybe some fun and obscure collection?
-Belonged to an amateur group of owners “owning” a race horse or two per season. Trainer was provided. It was fun to cheer for your “horse”.
-Archery. This might be good. Good preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Perbites, any ideas? Like to hear if you have any interesting hobbies!


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Feb 2, 2010
Short of skydiving and knitting you have pretty much tried everything .
Take a break and rest 😉


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Sep 9, 2013
I have a couple of suggestions that may not be quite as prone to the very entertaining, but potentially self mutilating hobby suggestion as per our beloved MB Mod...
If you like dogs, I know some guys who have retired that are out training other peoples dogs while they go back to work...could be interesting....
Take up the guitar....good hobby, makes you popular at parties and certainly with the ladies....or men...depending on your persuasion...
Since a hobby is to use up free time and make you feel good, volunteering at a worthwhile charity, meals on wheels, driving cancer patients, can make you feel good too....
Maybe take up the guitar lessons first before you start the axe throwing and chainsaw juggling though....
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Dec 25, 2015
I like the charity/volunteer idea above, good one!

Since OP mentioned cycling, how about trail work at nearby mtn bike trails? Outdoors, hard work, satisfying results. MOST trail users are good people, lol!

Archery is a good one- there’s definitely a zen aspect to it (even if you don’t take part in Japanese archery, kyudo)

Cooking/baking - super satisfying to me. Genuine compliments make the efforts worthwhile (but I enjoy the efforts anyway).

Racing - if you have even more disposable income, motor racing looks like a blast.


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Sep 15, 2019
I think a key point about a hobby is to not turn it into a job.

Taking sports out of the equation (are they really a hobby? and ball room dancing could be considered a sport, kinda ...)
Mine is wood working with a sidebar in growing food and herbs etc.

Wood working for me and all that goes with it really gets it.
- there are caveats as you need a shop
- you need a lot of tools but gathering up those tools is awesome. I mean what wood working hobbyist wouldn't want to be sourcing out a new sliding compound miter saw, or a new planar?
- nuances of wood come into play which leads one to acquiring the lumber, another awesome endeavour.
- working the wood as in prepping it which comes well before you actually build something!
- finishing the wood, could be paint, a stain, or gilding. Yes laying down gold leaf.
- well flowers but nothing like eating your own new potatoes, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, assortment of fresh herbs etc etc.

For me no downside to either. Just have to wash up well before partaking in our other hobby.

Mind you, that axe throwing thing sounds pretty damn manly. Have to do it bare chested preferably out in the snow with lots of yelling, maybe in Norwegian, to get the full effect.

Mr. J

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Sep 12, 2019
I collect coins. Not just from around the world, but I keep an eye out for old Canadian coins you don't see that often.


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Nov 26, 2007
Model boats, trains, planes - all of these have various aspects. Some guys (very few gals) spend many hours constructing fabulous models, and in some cases they fly or sail them. If you are into model boats in southern BC you can sail all year long. These hobbies have the advantage that they can be solo operations or they can have the social aspects of a club. There are good sources of ready to run/fly models for those who do not care for the construction aspect. Many modelling clubs have some form of annual show (mostly pre-COVID) so you can see the skills demonstrated and meet the modellers.
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Jan 3, 2020
Master P is right on the mark. I’m a tradesman and love the medium I muck around with, metal.
I bought a forge, anvil and an ongoing collection of hammers. I do have my own shop but this doesn’t have to stop you if you don’t, for whatever medium you choose.
In Langley there is a co-op called Maker Cube. It’s a nifty collective that supports all means for the non sexual hobbiest.
I have toured the place and unfortunately for me they don’t have the one thing I need, a milling machine so I haven’t got a membership.
That being said, if woodworking is your thing they are lacking nothing.
Lots of people in different areas of hobby work. Most seemed very willing to help and dispense knowledge.
I make a lot of noise and fire is an occasional hazard so I’m not sure I’d be welcome anyway lol.
If I ever need a clean environment to make silicone dildos I would do it there. Who knows, might snag a willing test partner.
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Jun 14, 2005
Hmm, archery.... I always want to try that but haven't had a chance yet.

You can try woodworking but use as little power tool as you can. Obviously don't set your goal too high in the beginning. Make a small box with just a hand saw and chisel using dovetail joint. Maybe cordless drill to attach the hinges (or use dowels as the hinge).


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Feb 18, 2010
I have a collection of beer mugs from I don't know how many places.
I always asked if I could buy the mug 🍺 I was drinking out of and 90% the bartender said it is free.
The other 10% I jacked

Also had a collection of beer caps from many places in Europe and Asia.
In the 90's I was in Fogg and Suds at Cambie and Broadway and noticed they had some caps on the wall.
I brought in my collection and drank imported draft on the house till closing.

Also had coins from all over....met a demimondaine in Bangkok who was a collector!
She was happy to trade for the coins!

Hobbies are fun!


Jul 13, 2003
In addition to archery, consider disc golf (frisbee golf). Lot’s of public courses around to try out.

Also to get out and about exploring, try geocaching if you haven’t already. Lots of unique interesting places and views to discover.
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May 19, 2004
I have been flying radio control airplanes for a number of years. Many facets to the hobby, building the kits, which I enjoy. Tinkering with the engines if you’re mechanically inclined, the electronics aspect of it, transmitters, receivers, much knowledge can be gained. The flying part of it is a challenge I like, always striving to improve your ability.
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Mika Dupont

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May 15, 2018
Write a song, record it and post it on here for me to listen to. Post a warning to keep ears pluggs on stand by if need be.

Visit all or many of the local museums and art galleries, have you? I've found these to be best enjoyed in solitude.

Learn/teach yourself computer programming, coding or just something new like that. even how to build a kite. Seen them fly those at steveston village, the best town in BC & it was quite lovely to see.

Start people watching, find busy places near you and start your show. Do you remember there are very many ways to watch eg, look, see, glance, gawk, stare etc lol.

Perfume making would be fun too as well as good old candle making and naming them, gift them to your favorite escorts. Bring two kinds so when you aren't too satisfied on a particular day, gift them the crooked candle which smells good nonetheless.

How about a mini golf kit this Christmas? Ask Santa.
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Dec 25, 2015
Speaking of rc planes and programming - if you want to truly geek out, jump into the rabbit hole of microcontrollers, Arduino, etc.

Sure you can buy a drone, but if you want a drone that will also dive-bomb your annoying neighbours with eggs, you need to build something custom! Lol!


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Jul 19, 2006
I use to play a lot of team sports before the pendemic and nowadays my group of friends have mostly stepped away since none of us are interested in large social gatherings.

Some pendemic hobbies I picked up:
  • Model kit building - it eats a lot of time and there's something calming and satisfying building something from scratch.
  • Photography - there's some good online courses.
  • Golfing - it's nice to suck with friends
  • Reading
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Oct 20, 2019
Learn a new language, I was amazed at how many doors it opened and how travel became so much easier when I started taking Spanish. I liked it so much I have gone back to university and am doing a minor in Hispanic studies albeit slowly.

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Nov 28, 2019
Read books. As a side bonus, this will not only expand the way you see the world setting you up for more success and a better outlook, but will also help single guys get laid later on, having interesting things to talk about that are not the same things as the average guys can really make you stand out, in a positive way. Someone who enjoys engaging their mind can be very attractive to the opposite sex.
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Aug 13, 2019
purchased a few books and hope to start them soon.

also taken up asl. started the first couple of courses and hope to continue with the next in the new year.

my buddies have started up their sports again. i hope to join them in the new year.
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