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Long Term Relationships


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Jan 13, 2003
Lower Mainland
With your favourite SP that is ;)

I recently posted a review where I said a woman had been a hooker for 18 or 19 years, now somebody took that to mean I had been seeing her for that long which I had not been (only 2-3 very occasionally) but it got me to thinking how long have some of you had "business" realtioships whith some women (or ladies how long have you had some clients)?

I certainly don`t look that far in the future of my sex life (hell I might get hit by a truck tomorrow) so I don`t have any plans as to how long I will be seeing my favourites... (FYI I guess Tammi from the review is my longest)...

Just curious



May 22, 2003
I knew an SP in another city for 12 years, visiting her about twice a year, after several dates in our first summer. In that time she belatedly started and completed her education, landed a job on a magazine, and became its executive editor. We would meet for the evening and have great sex punctuated by great conversation catching up on each other's lives. Then she moved away without sending me a forwarding number. I suspect and hope she finally found a suitable partner.

I saw Lisa for about 5 years at Pink Ladies and then Special Ladies. I would still be seeing her if she had not retired. Again, it was nice to see her develop a career that took good advantage of her personal skills (not meaning squatting).

Visiting some SP's every few weeks is really like visiting an old friend: so much catching up to do that it can interfere with the sex.
Pink Cherry